The Farmers

In 1928, Frank and Sophia Wenninghoff moved to a small farm in Irvington, NE. The tough economic times of the depression proved to be too much to bear and in 1933, Frank left home, never to be seen by his family again. Since there was no welfare program in 1933, their oldest child still living at home quit school to support the family. At the age of 15, Paul Fransis Wenninghoff began raising food on the family farm as a way to keep his mother and four younger siblings from starving.


Paul began selling produce in the Old Market in the 1930’s. From there, he sold produce to some local grocery stores. In 1956, people asked if they could stop at the farm to buy produce. Thus began the family business of selling produce at Wenninghoff Farm.

Today, produce is grown by the third and fourth generation of Wenninghoffs to live at the small farm in Irvington, NE. Paul Edward and his wife Amy, along with their four sons still work the land that sustained the family during the depression. Although the city of Omaha has surrounded the small Irvington farm and the family has been through some difficult years, the Wenninghoffs plan to keep the farm growing…as long as customers keep coming!

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