What CSA Members Think

“I have been so impressed with the variety and amount of food that I get in this weekly CSA. I was originally concerned with the price…however the math does not lie! It averages out to be (for me and my husband) just over $18 a week. I was easily spending double that at the grocery store and getting less. PLUS – I know exactly where this money is going to – a farm I LOVE!

I work at the Heart Ministry Center which has a food pantry so for the weeks that there was excess produce, I donated it. So many senior women could not get over the fact of all the “delicious beets” they could can. Nothing was wasted.

I am so happy about our selection of basics and extras and will be signing up again next year.”

-Jessie Schnieder


“There are so many things I loved about the Wenninghoff’s CSA last year.  It was our first year so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I couldn’t have been more pleased.  Each week I looked forward to picking up our bag of food and loved having the surprise of what we would get that week.  We even began playing a guessing game each week to see who could get the closest to guessing what we would get in our bag.  I loved that I was supporting local foods, we loved having fresh vegetables to eat, and one of our favorite things was when we would get fruit as well – peaches, cantaloupe, apples, and more!  Most of all, I loved that I had healthy foods to eat each week.  It is such great motivation to eat more vegetables and motivated us to try new vegetables that we hadn’t had before – we found so many new favorites (although our love for sweet corn cannot be surpassed!).  I am very much looking forward to being a CSA member again this year – June can’t come soon enough!  Thanks, Wenninghoff’s for providing such a wonderful opportunity!”



“There are so many things that I love about the CSA program.  We have the produce delivered to our office.  I feel like every delivery is Christmas.  I can’t wait to see what is in the bag.  I like to see what is in there and many times last year there was a vegetable that I had never tried.  It is fun to see the recipes that Wenninghoff provides and I like to ask my co-workers what they do with it.  I enjoyed trying the new vegetables and was able to add a few to my list of favorites. 

I have a small family and there was plenty for me to share with my extended family.  We would get together and I would bring my extras to have at the family dinner.  Everyone got to try something new.  The family has liked it so much that they are getting their own share of the CSA this year and we will do even larger family dinners. 

I also like the fact that I am supporting the local farmer.  The Wenninghoff Farm is a great place and I hope it will be here for many more generations.  I feel like my “share” is helping to make sure that will happen.  Not to mention that food tastes so much better than anything I can get in the store.  The food is fresh and delicious.  I joked with my family that I could even taste the love from the Wenninghoff family. 

Thank you for all you do to provide us with the best produce in Omaha!!!”



“Last year was the first time my family participated in the CSA so we had no idea what to expect.  Turns out we loved it and can’t wait for this year to start! We tend to get into a rut with dinner and make the same things over and over. . . and over. Participating in the CSA helped us try new recipes and really branch out. Not only did we find lots of new recipes that we loved, the dogs got excited every time we brought the bag in because they love fresh veggies too! It was a great experience for the entire family, furry ones included.”

Deb Boyd


“We have been involved with this CSA for two years now, and it has been a terrific experience.  It’s like Christmas morning every week when you open the produce bag to see what wonderful things we are going to eat that week.  Rarely a week went by that we didn’t see something else while picking up our bag, and purchase that also.  It’s a wonderful way to get kids involved with farm to table activities!  I highly recommend Wenninghoff’s!  A local farmer that we can trust!”



My favorite two items to get were the cantaloupe and the sweet corn. The best part is not having to go out of the way to get fresh produce each week – it was delivered right to my work – so awesome.  I loved getting the surprise bag each week – fun to see what was in it each week.”


“CSA is a wonderful adventure in eating at a very low price!  I have been a member of CSA for 3 years and it just keeps getting better and better.  Each week the produce is very fresh and plentiful.  Amy sends recipes and good humor by e-mail.  I have been challenged to try different recipes to use everything up but that has been part of the fun.  Picking up the weekly bag is quite exciting and I’m always sad when the season is over!”



My favorite thing about the Wenninghoff CSA is coming to the Farm for pickup—we get to visit the animals, look around at any other goodies we want to add, and say hi to the ladies that work there!  It’s so nice to see those friendly faces each week and my child loves the animals.  I like being “forced” out of my comfort zone to try new produce and the CSA helps me with that (the accompanying recipes really help get past the fear of new produce!)



“My husband Chris and I joined the CSA for the first time this year.  I just wanted to thank you all and let you know what a blast we are having!  My folks live on a farm, and Chris and I have gardened in our yard for years so we’re used to fresh garden items.  However, time has a way of getting away from you when you work fulltime and Mom quit gardening when the deer, chiggers and raccoons made themselves at home in her garden. 

We’ve enjoyed (and shared with Mom) the bounty you have provided.  I look forward to every Thursday to see what’s in the bag(s) and buy a snack from Great Harvest Bread where I pickup my bag.  I take a late lunch, pick up the bag(s), run them home and then take my snack back to work and brag about what was I the bag… leads to envious co-workers… 

This is the best early birthday present I’ve ever given myself!  Even Chris had to admit he’s enjoying this (BIG fan of bacon, egg and cheese omelets with toast!)

 You guys ROCK!”



“So we had 6 ears of Amy’s Gold [Corn], and Tom went to the farmers’ market in Benson
where a guy was bragging up his “peaches and cream” and “silver special”
corn.  We are huge corn on the cob fans so we had a cook-off and although
his corn was wonderful, “Amy’s Gold” was the definite winner!  So
congratulations to you and Paul!”



“I love beets and your recipe for beets in a packet was spot on!  I am just able to keep ahead of all the veggies I get each week — freezing what I can’t eat.  I look forward to my veggie treasure each week when I open the bag.  Just moved to Omaha this summer, and live close by to the farm, so this has been a great experience. Thanks.”



“Am jonesing for some more Cadillac corn. My mom wanted to make dinner last night and she got some corn from a nearby store that came from Kansas. I added sugar to the water in order to make it taste halfway sweet. After eating 2 ears of corn, I couldn’t eat much more because it tasted like grass clippings. The rest of that corn is going into the trash can. I know that never happens when we go to Wenninghoff’s.”



“The broccoli was amazing, thanks!  I just love getting our bag each week, so much fun.  As for my harvest tickets, I made 7 quarts of pasta sauce from your tomatoes and I have enough skinned tomatoes in the freezer to make 7 more quarts.  I did 32 pints of pickled beets as well, I haven’t opened one yet but they look amazing! 

Thanks for all you do, already feeling sad for the end of this year’s CSA.”


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