CSA Share Options & Prices

Download the 2021 CSA Membership Form (PDF)

The 2021 CSA season runs for 17 weeks:  June 14 thru October 10. We offer the following options in 2021:

Large Share:  Cost $425.  The large share is a weekly bag of fresh produce that generally will feed 4 to 6 people. After choosing the large share, you can add any of the following options: Extra Goodies, Herb Package or Harvest Tickets.

Basic Share:  Cost $220 The basic share is a weekly blue bag of fresh produce that generally will feed two to three people.  After choosing the basic share, you can add any of the following options:

Extra Goodies:   Cost $235  This bag will come every other week alongside your Basic Share Bag.  The special Extra Goodies Bag will contain 1 dozen farm fresh eggs, 1 package of Jisa or other local cheese, 1 loaf of Great Harvest bread, 1 jar of jelly/honey or other type of spread, and one surprise item.

Herb Package:  Cost $55  This bag will come every other week alongside your Basic Share Bag.   You can expect enough herbs to use fresh and have some left for drying.  Recipe ideas are included.  If all grows as planned, you will receive fresh basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, cilantro, dill, chives, sage and rosemary.

Harvest Tickets:  Cost $55   If you like large amounts of produce for preserving, this option is a must!  You will receive 5 tickets.  Each ticket can be redeemed at the farm for a  bucket of produce.  Our buckets are approx 4.5 gallon buckets.  If everything grows as planned, you will be able to redeem one ticket for a  bucket of any of the following items: tomatoes, green beans, onions, broccoli, beets, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, acorn, butternut and spaghetti squash or redeem one ticket for 2 dozen ears of sweet corn or 3 heads of cabbage or 2 watermelon or 2 cantaloupe. We will notify you as items become available in large quantities (usually beginning in August).  Tomatoes and possibly other items  may be “you pick.”

Gift Certificate Package:  Cost $225.00   Instead of getting the Basic Share and add-on packages, you can choose the Gift Certificate Package and shop at the farm. Get $250 worth of gift certificates for only $225! Choose the produce you want and don’t be afraid to try new things!  Certificates can be used for any items in our farm store including items in our meat and pie freezer.  Use the certificates yourself or give them as gifts.  All certificates must be used at our farm store during the 2019 CSA Season.

Delivery Options:  We are able to deliver to your work if you have 10-15 participants.  If there are 15 members, the 16th basic membership is free! Please call to discuss. We also have drop off locations throughout the Omaha Metro Area.  Delivery costs $15 per membership.  The only people who do not pay delivery charges are those picking up at the farm.

Final Payment is due by May 25th.  Payment can be made in 3 installments if paying by cash or check.  If joining after June 1st, cost will be pro-rated.  Please call for pro-rated amount.

*Early Bird Incentive:  Pay in full by April 10th, and get a $10 credit to use in our greenhouse during the month of May.  Good towards bedding plants and hanging baskets.

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